Jesse Jane Pirate Fleshlight GirlJesse Jane looks amazing in the Pirates II movie, with that low cut “pirate shirt” that shows off her cleavage in all the best ways, so it is no surprise that the Fleshlight crew made an equally amazing texture for the Jesse Jane Pirates Fleshlight. Her exclusive custom texture is called The Gauntlet, which probably got the name from the fact that you will be running the gauntlet of at least six separate texture nodes that will leave you speechless at the many unique sensations provided by just one sleeve.

As with the other two Pirate Fleshlights, you don’t get a choice of texture when you buy the Jesse Jane Pirates Fleshlight. That could be a bad thing… but the truth is that The Gauntlet texture is so damn good, and it fits this babe so well, that it becomes hard to imagine wanting anything else! Of course this is not a realistic feeling texture – those are available in other Fleshlight products – but if you don’t mind that, and you just want an intense orgasm then this is the way to go.

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