Stoya Pirate Fleshlight GirlI always liked this babe. She has a great nickname… Stoya The Destroya. Or is that just a nickname that the Fleshlight guys gave her? Oh well, on with the show, Stoya is one of the stars in Pirates II, which is one of the biggest porn movies ever, and she has been immortalized in Fleshlight form so that we can all enjoy her pink bits at home!
When you order your own Stoya Pirates Fleshlight you don’t have a lot of options to choose from, in fact there are none… you get Stoya and you get her exclusive custom texture The Destroya. It is a great texture, full of so many different chambers and mini textures for a very intense feeling, but the lack of choice might be a turn off for some. Although I have to say, for fans of Stoya and seeing her in Pirates II in particular you really can’t beat this.

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