It may have taken a little while longer than I would have liked, but the time for pirate pussy has finally arrived! So drop the anchor, or raise the sails, or whatever sounds more piratey to you, and get in on the action of what is quite possibly the biggest and best porn movie ever made. I know, that is a big statement to make, but if you think about just how many pornstars are in this movie and how many big name babes there are, then you can’t deny this is fuckin’ huge. The cast list alone would take up more space than I’ve used so far… so I’m not going to tell you about everyone.

Pirate Fleshlight Girls

The main pornstars in Pirates II are Jesse Jane, Stoya, and Riley Steele, with the latter being my personal favorite. I just can’t get enough of Riley Steele in this movie… she is simply stunning and her scenes steal the show, but I may be a little biased on that! Whichever way you look at it, and whoever your favorite pornstar is, Pirates II is one hell of a fuck film and it may be years until something this great comes along again.

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Now on to the Pirates Fleshlight products: there are three Fleshlights available at the moment in the Pirates range which all have their own exclusive textured insert. Stoya comes equipped with the insanely intense Destroya texture; Jesse Jane has a combination texture called The Gauntlet; Riley Steele has a fairly self-explanatory texture called Nipple Alley. These aren’t just different names slapped on slightly different textures either… each of these textures is very noticeably different in looks and of course in how they feel.

Pirates Fleshlight

There are also a bunch of combo deals available when you go to purchase a Pirates Fleshlight. You can choose to buy one of the girls along with a 4-DVD collector’s edition of Pirates II: Stagnetti’s Revenge, or a golden pirate necklace that doubles as a vibrator, or get all three in one deal.